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Revivim Program
Address: Yitzchak Rabin Building — The Global Center for Jewish Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501

Telephone: 972-2-588-1970
Fax: 972-2-588-1218



Academic Program

Revivim is a four-year program in which students earn a B.A. degree, an M.A. degree and teaching certification:


        1. B.A. degree (years 1-3):

Revivim students participate in B.A. studies in two departments: Jewish Studies and Bible.


  • All Revivim students participate in general introductory courses in the following departments: The History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry, Jewish Thought, Hebrew Literature, Hebrew Language and Talmud. 
  • Each student selects one field from among the above disciplines and participates in courses in the chosen discipline.
  • All Revivim students study in the Bible Department.


        2. M.A. degree (years 3-4)

Towards the end of the second year, students select their field of studies for their M.A. degree from among the following departments: Bible, History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry, Jewish Thought, Hebrew Literature, Hebrew Language, Talmud and the Center for Jewish Education in the School of Education.  During their third year of studies in Revivim, whilst completing their B.A. degree, students begin studying a number of courses towards their M.A. degree.  They select these courses under the guidance of an M.A. supervisor from their chosen department. 

        3. Teaching Certificate (years 1-4)

Revivim students study towards their teaching certification in Jewish Studies and Bible throughout the four years of the program.  This includes specially designed courses for Revivim students as well as introductory and elective courses in the Department for Teacher Training of the School of Education.  In addition, all Revivim students participate in closely mentored student teaching throughout the four-year program. During the first year of studies, Revivim prepares its students for their teaching experience in the field, and all of the students participate in peer teaching.  During the second, third and fourth years of the program, each Revivim student conducts student teaching in three public schools in Jerusalem. This gradual and closely monitored experience in classrooms prepares the Revivim students to become teachers of Bible and Jewish Studies. The mentored student teaching in schools is conducted as follows:

Year II- two weekly hours of teaching Jewish Culture in half classes

Year III- three weekly hours of teaching Bible in half classes

Year IV- four weekly hours of teaching a variety of Jewish Studies disciplines, in full classes.

All of the student teaching is closely mentored by Revivim's outstanding pedagogic staff, who accompany the program's students in schools on a weekly basis, observe their teaching and provide constructive feedback. The Revivim mentors also meet their students in pedagogic seminars at the University on a weekly basis.