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Revivim Program
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Outstanding Jewish Educators for the 21st Century


In today's Israel, high school students are often unfamiliar with basic Jewish sources and question their relationship to Jewish culture and values. In the face of this growing existential crisis, there is an urgent need to re-introduce Israeli youth to their rich heritage in order to strengthen their Jewish identity and enable their active participation in the future of the Jewish people.


The Hebrew University has risen to the challenge by establishing Revivim. At Revivim, we believe that Jewish culture is the legacy of all Jews.


To this end, Revivim is producing young, enthusiastic and committed educators for a new generation – teachers who are both scholars and role models, who can present Jewish texts and culture in a relevant, engaging and pluralistic manner to tomorrow's adults.


In schools across the country, Revivim's graduates create positive experiences that allow young adults to discover the diverse and inspiring nature of Jewish history, and develop a meaningful, creative relationship with Jewish culture.  Over 150 Revivim graduates are teaching in more than 80 schools throughout Israel in 2016-17. 

A New Brand of Educators


Revivim is an innovative honors program that targets the nation's brightest and best future educators. Each year, our rigorous selection committee accepts only a limited number of students, who are required to maintain a high academic average to remain in the program. Revivim offers these excellent students the opportunity to complete a B.A. and M.A. in Jewish Studies, as well as teacher certification, in four concentrated years of study. Revivim students commit to teach in the secular Israeli school system for a minimum of four years following their graduation.


The program incorporates one-on-one study, workshops and seminars alongside traditional lectures. Revivim also offers these future leaders interactive, multi-disciplinary courses on topics that are not generally addressed in university curricula but are crucial to values education.

The well-rounded curriculum combines in-depth academic studies with intensive practical experience. Beginning in their second year of study, Revivim students engage in extensive supervised field work, gaining an unprecedented 300 hours of classroom experience and achieving a maximal level of professionalism before graduation.

Revivim provides graduates with follow-up in their first  years of independent work, including private mentoring and periodic group seminars. This support system enables our graduates to hone their teaching skills, exchange information and maintain intellectual vigor. The ongoing connection creates a community of educators committed to revitalizing Israel's educational system. As most Israeli students work to support themselves while pursuing a degree, it often takes eight or more years to acquire a B.A., M. A. and Teaching Certificate. 

Revivim Offers:

      -An accelerated course of study

      -Modest stipends that help students to study full-time 

The combined advantages of the Revivim program have succeeded in attracting a highly-motivated and intelligent student body. In return for the support they receive, Revivim students commit to teach for four years after completion of the academic programEach Revivim graduate will reach hundreds of Israeli high school students, stimulating and enriching them. Revivim's dynamic young teachers are exposing Israeli youth to their past and shaping their future.

Challenged by the Shenhar Report on Jewish Studies in General Education (1994), faculty members of The Hebrew University and its Mandel Center for Jewish Continuity conceived of Revivim. The Jesselson Family and the Trustees of the AVI CHAI Foundation, shared the vision of Revivim. Their commitment was essential to Revivim's creation and subsequent development.

Revivim is producing outstanding educators for the future with the support of the AVI CHAI Foundation, Israel's Ministry of Education, the Jesselson Family, the Leo and Julia Forchheimer Foundation, the Simon Flegg Fund, the Leon Kulikovsky Family Scholarship Fund, the Hirsch Nissalowitz Minnesfond, Philip Garoon, The Beracha Foundation, Advocate Daniel Jacobson, the Sieratzki Charitable Fund, Fred and Della Worms, Edward Fein Foundation, David and Inez Myers Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, Cari and Gary L. Gross, Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation, The Alvin Segal Family Foundation, Ruth and David Musher, The Aaron and Cecile Goldman Family Foundation and other donors.