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Address: Revivim Program, Yitzchak Rabin Building—The Global Center for Jewish Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501

Telephone: 972-2-588-1970

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Neta Rozenblit, Twelfth graduating class



Bible and history teacher, homeroom teacher, and social involvement coordinator at Seligsberg High School in Jerusalem

In answer to the question posed to me, about why one should study in Revivim, I can offer my personal thoughts, as follows:

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was in the “Beit Yisrael” pre-army mechina program. I also knew that I wanted to study humanities, focusing specifically on Jewish identity. Revivim fit me like a glove; it is a program that trains teachers through high-level academic studies in subjects that interest me.

Today I teach Bible and history at Seligsberg High School in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem. I also serve as a homeroom teacher and as the school’s coordinator of social involvement. Due to the significant training period I underwent in Revivim, I feel that I was very well prepared for my first year of teaching, which is generally thought to be very difficult for new teachers. The unique nature of Revivim is expressed in two central fields:

  1. An outstanding peer group. Due to my peers I was able to withstand the heavy academic workload of Revivim. Moreover, the group made it possible for me to develop my identity as an educator. Within the group, which was accepting and intellectually challenging, I developed and shaped myself as a teacher.
  2. Significant work experience in education. From my second year I worked in a school as a teacher for all intents and purposes. The hands-on training, alongside the significant mentoring from Revivim, allowed me to experience the great challenge of running a classroom, teaching, and working with students. This experience and the personal and group accompaniment gave me the most important tools that can be acquired in advance of teaching. I find myself sharing the many tools I acquired during my years of training with new teachers I work with.

Studying in Revivim is worthwhile; there is tremendous importance to introducing identity discourse in public education. Revivim provides its students with the tools to create identity discourse and do meaningful educational work with students.