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Address: Revivim Program, Yitzchak Rabin Building—The Global Center for Jewish Studies,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501

Telephone: 972-2-588-1970

Fax: 972-2-588-1218


Hamutal Elbaz, Twelfth graduating class



Teacher of Bible, history, Israeli culture, and land of Israel studies at Rene Cassin High School in Jerusalem

In response to the question posed to me, about why to study in Revivim, I can share the following thoughts:

After four challenging, intriguing, exciting, and exhausting years, and after a year of full-time work as a subject matter teacher and homeroom teacher, I can answer the question easily. You should join Revivim because of everything you’ll undergo in four years of learning in university – and because of what happens to you after those four years.

I arrived at Revivim with little knowledge of Bible and of Judaism. My university studies opened up a whole new world to me, giving me a broad base and in-depth knowledge that enabled me to feel at home in that world. Revivim taught me how to take the academic knowledge I acquired and make it something that would interest and enrich the students I encounter today in the classroom. This was accomplished through workshops with my peers and – primarily – through intensive training, with careful guidance.

Moreover, I encountered a wonderful group of intelligent and motivated people who made my years of study an extraordinary experience. Studies with the group were one of the prominent benefits of learning in the program. Studying in the group was a great academic advantage; it exposed me to various patterns of thought and action, and of course made the learning experience more enjoyable. Our group continues to be a supportive and meaningful one today as well, despite the fact that we are scattered in different schools in locations around Israel.