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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501

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Ariella Lehmann, Fourteenth graduating class



For years I was resolute in my assertions that I would not be a teacher. And yet, I find myself in a program that trains Jewish studies teachers. In Revivim I have found an intellectual response to my interest in Jewish subjects and an ideological response to my acceptance of my desire to be a teacher. The centrality of the Jewish bookshelf in my education left me with the understanding that Jewish sources are not purely historical relics, but rather founts of inspiration that can and should be mined for their relevance to modern life due to their abundance – both in practice and in discourse.

In the State of Israel the study of the Jewish world is critical – not just for the enrichment and deepening of identity, which are an outgrowth of learning the ancient sources, but also for conducting an informed, equal, and respectful public discussion. Teaching any subject, I believe, can be used for this purpose; because my skills and interests

relate to our heritage, I am training to be a Bible and history teacher, rather than a teacher of biology or mathematics.

The tremendous support I have felt on the program – from the staff, and in particular from my peers – makes these goals seem more and more attainable each day, despite the juggling that takes place between my studies, teaching, and personal life. I can only recall my past statement with an amused smile and look to my future with serenity and the knowledge that the decision that brought me to this point was correct.